Bullitt Fuzz Jimi White Octavio (USED)

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  • This is a used pedal in Very Good condition
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VL-Effects is dedicated to provide high-end Boutique Guitar Pedals.

Vincent Loret has been designing and building unique and exclusive guitar effects and amplifiers, offering unparalleled innovation and craftsmanship since 1982. The products Vincent Loret creates are not just mere pieces of audio gear, but are true musical instrument all unto themselves. VL Effects incorporate very high quality components and each product is hand wired and built by the founder and owner, Vincent Loret in Paris, France. 

Bullitt Pedals Series 

All Bullitt Pedals include the best components on the market.

The production process is very long since each electronic component (resistors, capacitors,..) is individually matched and tested with the kernel Transistor and/or AmpOp CI in order to produce the best sound and tone!

Made with...

the best Europeen and US parts :

  • Hammond enclosure with handmade custom painting with multiple varnish layers
  • Each pedal is unique with SerialNumber tracking and Warranty Certificate
  • First choice for knobs, jacks, switchs, cabling, Trims, True Bypass,...
  • Handmade vintage cabling and handmade silver soldering


  • Vintage Germanium Transistors, Silicium Transistors, Amp Op, Diodes
  • Vintage Oil Papers Capacitors
  • Vintage Carbon Resistor Allen Bradley
  • New Carbon Resistors high end product
  • New Silicon Transistor high end product
  • New Capacitors high end product

Specifics VL-Effects schemas and assembling

Each pedal model are from specific VL-Effects Electronics schemas and adapted for each model.

For each pedal, all electronics components like Caps, Resistors, Transistors, Diodes,...are matched together in order to have the best Tone before wiring definitively on box pedal

Wiring is very important too! VL uses multiple kind of cables for each kind of signal or power.

The goal is to use the minimum of cables and electronics components in order to keep the original Tone of Guitar an Amp! So you will never see filter module or other kon VL's product in order to have the ultimate natural effects!

Tools and Qualification Process

The Qualification Process is for each pedal is:

1 - Leakage measurement
2 - Gain measurement
3 - matched Components for each Bias process
4 - Tone check with Guitar and tube Amps play
5 - Noise check with Guitar and tube Amps play

At the end of these 5 step the Kernel can be or not plugging in pedal

VL Effects - JIMI WHITE Octavio (Edition 2016)

Three vintage germanium transistors are used in this limited edition pedal.


GAIN CONTROL - The gain control allows you to increase the gain up to 10db. It works with the "intensity" control tin order to produce harmonics and crunch tone.

VOLUME CONTROL - output level

INTENSITY - with this control you can setup the fuzz tone...

FUZZ / OCTAVIO FootSwitch Mode -

  • FUZZ MODE - footswitch OFF. Only fuzz is activated. Octaver is off. On this mode you have a Fuzz tone with warm and rich harmonics
  • OCTAVER MODE - Fuzz and Octaver are activated. This mode reduces level of Fuzz but creats the famous octaver tone used by Jimi Hendrix.
POWER - WARNING! REVERSE POWER! The best is from 7v to 9v with positive center. Use only isolated output reverse power or 9v battery.