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JAM Custom Multi-Pedal USED

Other Effect Brands (Used)

  • $ 1,22900

  • This is a used pedal in very good condition. 
  • This is a consignment item. 

$1199.00 plus $30.00 Shipping (Consignment Item)


An all-analog multi-pedal that is hand-built and hand-painted per custom order.
This only requires a single 9V power supply to work, and feature an A/B output that can be used to send your guitar to two different amps, or use the second output as a tuner-out to keep your tuner off of your signal chain.
They also feature effects loop send-return jacks for inserting other pedals in the middle of the chain.

The absence of connecting audio and power cables dramatically reduces setup and breakdown time, and along with the very light and compact enclosure, the JAM multi-pedals are a dream-come-true for all studio, session, touring and gigging musicians.

This Pedal includes

  1. Dyna-Ssor Compressor 
  2. Tube-Dreamer 88 , 58, and 72
  3. The Chill Sine-Wave Tremolo
  4. Waterfall Chorus / Vibrato
  5. Delay Llama Analog Delay
  6. AB/ Tuner Out Switch 

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