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Billy Z GZ30 Combo

Billy Z

  • $ 1,59900


Billy Z specializes in building custom guitar amplifiers, repairing vacuum tube amps, and repairing electric and acoustic guitars. Billy Z has also been Gold Standard Certified by Fender Musical Instruments for over 30 years.

The GZ30 combo amp by Billy Z is an amazingly powerful and versatile amp for such a simple layout. From chimey cleans to bluesy tweed break-up to creamy, saturation achievable at bedroom volume levels thanks to the customized Dana Hall VVR circuit. With its lightweight Jensen Neodymium speaker, the GZ30 combo is the perfect grab-and-go club amp! 

GZ30 Features

  • 1 - GZ34 rectifier tube, may substitute , 5y3, 5u4, 5r4 etc.
  • 2 - 6L6GC  power tubes, may substitute with 6V6 type tubes.  DO NOT USE EL34's !
  • 2 - 12ax7 preamp tubes, may substitute, 12AY7, 5751, 12AT7 or 12AU7.
  • 30 Watts , class A/B  Cathode biased.
  • .80 Aluminum chassis
  • Finger jointed, Selected Pine cabinet
  • All Coverings are applied with Hide Glue
  • Premium Handles and Large Rubber Feet
  • Tuned speaker cabinets
  • Jensen Neo Speaker
  • The GZ30   Combo features a Custom Mercury Magnetics Transformer.
  • All Electronic components are selected for maximum tone and durability
  • Military resistors and Polystrene capacitor, Film and foil capacitors
  • Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder is the only solder I use
  • High Grade Switchcraft Jacks , no plastic jacks to strip or melt
  • Optional upon request , A line out which mimics the sound of the speaker mic’d with a Shure sm57
  • Interactive tone and volume controls, hi and low inputs. The Dana Hall VVR circuit has been customized for the GZ30 series of amplifiers.
  • Diode protected rectifier tube and soft start standby are employed to assure years of trouble free operation.
  • 21"(width) x 18"(height)  X 9.5" (depth)

"The amp is designed to be part of your 'instrument'. Accepts all Pedals very well and I personally recommend the Wampler Faux Reverb pedal.  The wampler reverb pedal combined with the GZ30 creates a 3D sound. Please enjoy the GZ30 Austin Special." - Billy Z

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