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Black Volt Whitey V2 #02 of 20 1x12 Combo (USED)

Black Volt (Used)

  • $ 2,49900

  • This is a used amp in excellent condition. 
  • This is #02 of 20 to be made. 

Whitey Version 2

"It's as if a prototype Fender or Magnatone fell off a truck in the sixties and never made it to the factory to be mass produced" - Chris Trainer, Bush/Helmet

A High Gain Tweed/Plexi mashup style circuit that takes the best of both legendary amps and distills them into a single-channel, single-input powerhouse.

  • 12" Celestion G12H Creamback
  •  ~30-40 Watts of Output
  • Tone, Volume and Gain Controls w/ Added Presence/Feedback Loop
  • 2 6V6, 6L6,KT66 or EL34 Power Tubes. No Re Biasing Necessary ( EL34 Installed )
  • 2 - 12AX7 Pre Amp Tubes
  • Vintage Solid Pine Cabinetry with Oak Hardwood Splined Miter Joints for Strength & Solid Wood Corner to Corner
  • Entire Amp Constructed Completely By Hand and Hand Wired in Los Angeles CA
  • Dimensions: 20" Width x 19" Height x 12" Depth
  • Weight: 39lbs

"I'm a huge fan. I use Black Volt often in the studio, they always sound great in the track" - Rich Costey, Producer Foo Fighters/Muse

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