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Brownie Gig Master


  • $ 24900

Tube Amp Power Correction Unit, will provide  3 amperes continuous , 340 watts max @ 120vac. designed  for one guitar Amplifier and Pedal-boards. 8 on the fly selectable voltage levels, In-rush current protection , Back lit voltage display 2.6 lbs .Made in the USA.

**NOTE** Knob is now gold. New pictures coming soon. 

Why Voltage Optimization?

Voltage Optimization  provides numerous benefits: 
  1. Earlier tube saturation equals   earlier break-up at lower usable volume levels .
  2. A smoother tonal shift  toward even order harmonics, revealing  the amplifier's designed tone fundamental , the basis of  your signal chain and the starting point in building a consistent signature tone.
  3. Lower internal voltages = lower dissipation = longer component life.


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