Bullitt Booster M-Tone 3K

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Vincent Loret has been designing and building unique and exclusive guitar effects and amplifiers, offering unparalleled innovation and craftsmanship since 1982. The products Vincent Loret creates are not just mere pieces of audio gear, but are true musical instrument all unto themselves. VL Effects incorporate very high quality components and each product is hand wired and built by the founder and owner, Vincent Loret in Paris, France. 

Very actual, modern dynamic Tone with high gain and possibilities to have a compressed Tone with Atk-Tone set up. No vintage fuzzy tone like Bullitt Booster 82'Reissue model.

  • Specifiq highend Atk-Ton Module with vintage Parts
  • ATK-TON trim system - a VL-Effects system !
  • hightend cabling
  • reverse 9 volt DC jack or Battery operation.
  • Vintage Germanium transistor - OC44 CV7003 1964 and 1966
  • Carbon Resistor Allen Bradleyfor awesome Tone
  • Germanium Temperature stabilisation system
  • Silvered soldering
  • Vintage Mustard Caps
  • 1 Year Warranty but support for life!

The M-Tone pedal is best suited for for Rock, RockPunk, Heavy.