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Bullitt Booster M-Tone 3K

VL Effects

  • $ 37000

Very actual, modern dynamic Tone with high gain and possibilities to have a compressed Tone with Atk-Tone set up. No vintage fuzzy tone like Bullitt Booster 82'Reissue model.

  • Specifiq highend Atk-Ton Module with vintage Parts
  • ATK-TON trim system - a VL-Effects system !
  • hightend cabling
  • reverse 9 volt DC jack or Battery operation.
  • Vintage Germanium transistor - OC44 CV7003 1964 and 1966
  • Carbon Resistor Allen Bradleyfor awesome Tone
  • Germanium Temperature stabilisation system
  • Silvered soldering
  • Vintage Mustard Caps
  • 1 Year Warranty but support for life!

The M-Tone pedal is best suited for for Rock, RockPunk, Heavy.

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