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Oddfellow Caveman V1 OD/Boost (used)

Other Effect Brands (Used)

  • $ 14900

  • This is a used pedal in excellent condition
  • This is a consignment item

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Oddfellow The Caveman V1

The Caveman Drive is an extremely transparent overdrive that has an amazingly versatile range of sounds! This pedal nails every sound from full distorted tones to softer overdrive.The one thing about the caveman that amazes players is the dynamics. They are simply amazing. Not only is the caveman drive one of the best sounding drives on the market, it is the best feeling. The Caveman is one of very few pedals on the market that actually feels and reacts like a cranked tube amp. Go from screaming distortion to sweet, smooth, overdrive with no volume loss by simply lowering your guitar’s volume knob. Perfect for all styles of playing! The controls are volume, tone, drive and a brilliant fixed volume and gain boost which is just enough to give you that push for a solo.

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