Dumbloid Special Low-Gain Black Scratch Finish #831

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“The most responsive and amp-like pedal I’ve ever played" - Brad Paisley

The Dumbloid is the most dynamic D-style overdrive available today.

Shin Suzuki, who has serviced many Dumble amps, has taken all his Dumble knowledge and created an amazing pedal that captures the essence of Dumble amplifiers.

This is a Low-Gain version of the Dumbloid Special. Don't let the name lead you astray though, it still has a substantial amount of gain, but it also seems to be a bit "thicker" and "creamier" than a standard Dumbloid Special. Housed in an attractive "Black Scratch" finished metal enclosure, this Dumbloid Low-Gain serial number 831 is currently 1 of 2 in existence in the world!

The Dumbloid Special is characteristic of Robben Ford's tone. In addition to the Drive, Accent, Tone & Volume controls, the Dumbloid Special also features the inclusion of the "jazz/rock" voicing switch which was evident on the legendary Overdrive Special amp. In the “Jazz” position the switch gives an overall “rounder” sound, while the “Rock” position provides a softer characteristic for the mids, especially in overdrive.