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Echotopia is the Greek word for soundscapes.

With that in mind, CTC designed a mono in - stereo out, retro tape echo style delay with 4 heads, each with its own mix/feedback control for the ultimate rhythmic patterns. 

Features controls for delay time ( 40ms for head “I” up to 1200ms for head “IV” ), echo feedback, mood – tone of the repeats, rate and depth for sine wave modulation.

Tap tempo / instant oscillation footswitch and expression control for master mix or feedback adds extra flexibility making the effect ideal for live situations.

Mono or stereo ping pong output operation: Internal switches set which head goes left or right and a smart true bypass mono/stereo operation puts automatically all heads in master output (L) when used in mono.

Create the soundscapes of your dreams!


I - IV: separate mix/feddback for each head
FEEDBACK: adjust the number of repeats. Maxed up, the pedal will oscillate (with mood at maximum settings)
TIME: adjust the delay time for each head

  • 40-300ms for head "I"
  • 80-600ms for head "II"
  • 120-900ms for head "III"
  • 160-1200ms for head "IV"

MOOD: control the tone of repeats, fully counter-clockwise is the darkest setting, gets brighter as you tun clockwise.
RATE: adjust the rate fo sime wave modulation
DEPTH: adjust the depth of sine wave modulation. Fully counterclockwise modulation is off.
BYPASS FOOTSWITCH: true bypass (relay operated)
TAP TEMPO FOOTSWITCH: set the time between repeats according to tempo for head "IV". The last two taps will be stored to give the desired tempo. You can set the time either with tap footswitch or time knob. Hold down tap footswitch to enter hold mode. Repeats max out gradually and oscillation will occur. Release tap footswitch to return to normal operation. 
DIVISIONS TOGGLE SWITCH: choose the function of tap tempo between quarter, dotted eighths, and triplets. If the tapped time is out of limits on each setting the tap command will be ignored.
XP: expression pedal input. Plug a TRS expression pedal (with up to 100k linear pot value) to control master mix or feedback for all heads.


XP: select expression pedal operation. Set in FEED to control master feedback or MIX to control master mix.
1 - 3: select the stereo image (left or right) of heads "I", "II", "III" when in stero out operation

Built with the best components available, operates with external 9-12V DC regulated power supply ( - center, + ring). Max current consumption 220ma @9V DC. Using a power supply of 15V DC or more may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty.