Electro Harmonics Soul Food "Meat & 3" Mod

Electro Harmonics Soul Food "Meat & 3" Mod

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Electro Harmonix recently released the Soul Food, which is a very accurate reproduction of the Klon.  We add a 3-way clipping toggle that gives you stock EHX clipping, open clipping, and we added true Klon style germanium clipping which isn't present in the stock Soul Food pedal.  Lastly, we also added a bass contour "Meat" knob to really make this pedal a tone shaping tool.

These modifications retain the integrity of the original Klon tones while giving you a few extra tone shaping abilities.

Centaur mystery meat never tasted so good!

– We have noticed recently the screen printed graphics on the EHX Soul Food seems to be a lot more brittle and fragile than earlier runs... and while we take every precaution not to scratch the surface of these pedals, some surface scratches may occur during the mod process.