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Foxgear Ryder Distortion Doug Aldrich Signature


  • $ 9900


Doug Aldrich’s Signature distortion pedal. The Ryder is Foxgear’s latest distortion pedal dreamed up by the legendary Doug Aldrich (Dio, Whitesnake, Dead Daisies). It takes as foundation, the Foxgear RATS. But, the Ryder features a different filter from the Rats that let you reach a typical Doug Aldrich tone while utilizing a clipping section featuring Germanium Diodes. Of course, the Ryder kept the same Golden-Pin relays, True Bypass and Low-Noise circuitry of our beloved RATS distortion.

Power In 9 to 12VDC (negative TIP)
Consumption at 9V <100mA
Input Impedance <=1M Ohm
Output Impedance <=10K Ohm
Larghezza (Width) 60mm. (2,3”)
Lunghezza (Lenght) 120mm. (4,7”)
Altezza (Height) 30mm. (1,1”)
Peso (Weight) 0,2Kg. (0,4lbs)

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