Freeze Flame Wah Red

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Limited production! Limited 30 units! 

While a number of brands are producing various wahs, Shin's returns to the origin of the 60s forthat "wow" sound. Using the NOS parts of the era is crucial to obtain this sound.  This is a superb vintage replica that realized the sound of the time by removing modern elements as much as possible. Freeze Flame Wah realizes a natural sound that feels flat and soft, not over powerful or harsh like a lot of modern wahs. You can experience smooth curves in cutting / crunching sounds etc, comfortable crowning with lead sounds. You can experience a pure vintage wah sound!


  • Hand-wired Point-to-point on Bakelite board. 
  • Telefunken BC 109 B transistor from late 60s - early 70s
  • Ducati Polystyrene capacitor from the late 70's
  • Mullard Tropicalfish capacitor from the late 60s ~ early 70s
  • Sprague Little Lytic 30D Redtop electrolytic capacitor from the late 70s
  • Carbon resistance from the late 50's ~ early 70's
  • Wiring materials from the late 50s - early 70s
  • England solder from the late 1960s

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