Goodwood Audio Simon (USED)

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  • This is a used pedal in excellent condition. 
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Take advanced control of your Strymon®  pedals with nothing more than this controller and a TRS cable.

With the digital age well and truly upon us, our pedal boards have changed. Single sound pedals are not the only option anymore. Multi-effects units are now commonplace and have almost become the new standard. Players want options. Options options options. Having a wide range of sounds in one pedal is all well and good, but with these compact and powerful pedals comes a limitation; access.

How do you access the huge range of sounds now available in your one pedal?
Hitting multiple foot-switches, tapping what seems to be Morse code or purchasing a complex midi solution to take control of your multi effects unit isn't the only option.

Enter Simon.

Now, using the built in settings on your Strymon® Timeline, BigSky and Mobius  pedals you can add 3 foot-switches to control even more parameters on your pedal. From banking, tap tempo, favourite, looping and more. Simon (for Strymon®) are your way to advanced control.

Simply connect Simon with a TRS cable to the EXP jack on your  Strymon® pedals and you're ready to choose how you would like  Simon to give you advanced control.