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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head & 1x12 Dual Ported Cab (USED)

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  • $ 2,09900

  • This is a used amp and speaker cabinet in very good condition.
  • This is a consignment item. 

$1999.00 plus $100.00 shipping (Consignment)

    Very versatile and powerful in a tiny package with a huge tone thanks in part to the dual ported Jackson Ampworks 1x12 speaker cabinet housing an upgraded Celestion Alnico Gold 12" speaker.

    More about this amp and cab from the Jackson Ampworks Website:

    The Britain 4.0™ is the smallest, most flexible and portable British style guitar amplifier ever made! With 4 distinct power settings and two blendable channels, the Britain 4.0 offers more tone and more value than any amp ever made!

    “The best amp I have ever played! Great tone and great versatility.”

    Robbie McIntosh
    John Mayer Band

    If you are looking for one amp that will cover all the classic British guitar tones of the last 50 years along with a host of new tones never before available then the Britain 4.0 is your amp!


    Jackson Ampworks, the creator of “The Britain” amplifier, has just released The Britain 4.0.

    With careful consideration of the feedback from users of the original Britain and the Britain 2.0, Jackson Ampworks has totally redesigned the amp to become the most pristine, versatile, and compact boutique amp on the market today. The new Britain 4.0 is 18 pounds lighter than its original predecessor, 8” more narrow and 3 times more powerful!  In addition to these changes we added a second channel to the amplifier, a unique footswitch-able boost circuit for the Britain’s now legendary EF86 channel, series effects loops for each channel, and selectable 15/25/30W Class A or 50W Class A/B operation that features 2 different sets of output tubes for unmatched versatility!

    Given the combination of features, performance and price, we think you’ll agree that not only does the Britain 4.0 offer Small Size and Huge Tone, it also offers a Tremendous Value as well!


    The Britain 4.0 features two totally separate channels, each with its own set of dedicated tone controls. While two channel amps have been available for any years, the magic of the Britain lies in its ability to blend those two channels together to create an infinite number of tonal options!

    Channel 1 is the exact same EF86 based preamp that was featured in the original Britain but has been updated with our own footswitch-able boost circuit that true bypasses the Treble and Bass controls resulting in a substantial boost in volume, gain and tonal purity. Channel 1, being the higher gain of the two, is considered the dirty channel of the amp and offers a very broad frequency response that works to deliver your instruments true voice with minimal coloring or artifacts.

    Channel 2 of the Britain 4.0 is a 12AX7 based “Top-Boost” preamp that balances perfectly against Channel 1 by providing pristine clean tones incredible headroom and articulation. This channel, which was designed to remain clean longer than Channel 1, embodies the very definition of clean British guitar tone but is enhanced with increased richness and depth.

    Channels 1 and 2 are internally linked so that the use of the input labeled “1/2” sends the guitars signal to both channels equally. In this arrangement, each channel is active along with its associated tone controls and blending of the two channels is a simple as adjusting the Volume control for each channel. The true advantage of this type of arrangement lies in the ability to blend Channels 1 and 2 together while still allowing tonal shaping of each channel via their respective Treble and Bass controls.

    Plugging into the input labeled “2” breaks the internal connection to Channels 1 and 2 thereby allowing them to function independently. This feature allows the musician to use a completely different signal chain (floor based effects etc.) for each channel if desired, and is fully expanded by the use of an ABY box to select channels 1, 2 or both.

    With all of these tonal options available, the Britain 4.0 truly delivers Two Channels, Infinite Tones.


    The Britain 4.0 is the only amp anywhere that offers switch-able power output of either 50W Class A/B using EL34’s, 25W Class A using EL34’s or 15/30W Class A using EL84’s. This adjustable power feature allows the player to tailor the amps response and tone to any given musical setting. In high volume situations, select the 50W mode for maximum volume and clean headroom. When less volume is desired, select the 25W or 15/30W mode and enjoy the early breakup and harmonic richness that only comes from low power Class A operation. The inclusion of the 15/30W Class A power modes using EL84’s extends the tonal range of the Britain 4.0 by lowering the amount of headroom even further and allows for overdriven tones at a lower volume along with the characteristic chime and sparkle that is inherent in EL84’s. When in 25W and 15/30W Class A modes, the Britain 4.0 is cathode biased and features a proprietary circuit that exactly reproduces the natural compression and sustain of a 5U4G tube rectifier. These features give the Class A modes their own unique voice and a softer, more spongy attack. In 50W Class A/B EL34 mode, the Britain 4.0 switches to high voltage operation and is fixed biased. The combination of high voltage and fixed bias allows the Britain 4.0 to have a very quick and aggressive attack with increased headroom and volume.

    Each of the 4 power modes have been developed to add versatility and character to te tone while giving the player the ability to carry one small amp that will work in any musical setting.

    Given its power and performance, the Britain 4.0 really is like having four amps in one!


    • Channel 1: EF86 Preamp with Volume Treble and Bass Controls.
    • Channel 2: 12AX7 “Top Boost” Preamp with Volume Treble and Bass Controls.
    • EL84 Power Tubes provide 15/30W of Power in Class A modes. EL34 Power Tubes provide 25W of Power in Class A mode and 50W of Power in Class A/B mode.
    • Boost Footswitch for Channel 1 that disables the Treble and Bass controls and provides gain and volume boost and front panel LED indication.
    • Series FX Loop for Channel 1 and Channel 2.
    • 8-16 Ohm Speaker Impedance Selector Switch
    • 15/30W Class A, 25W Class A and 50W Class A/B Rotary Switch on back panel.
    • External Locking Bias Trimmer and Test Points on back panel.
    •  Power Entry Module that allows switchable 120/240VAC operation.


    Since Jackson Ampworks began in 2003, we have established ourselves as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality amplifiers available and we are proud to say that with the launch of the Britain 4.0, the quality of construction methods used in our amplifiers have only improved. Quality to us is more than just a bragging right, it is a critical component in every amp that we build. This commitment to quality is such a cornerstone of our business that each amplifier that we build undergoes a 3 day torture test to make sure that by the time it gets to the player, we have done everything we can do to make it fail.


    • Precision Cut and Welded Anodized Aluminum Chassis
    • Chassis Mount Ceramic Tube Sockets
    • Proprietary Vented Cabinet Design
    • Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Front and Back Face Plates
    • Custom Wound Output and Power Transformers
    • F&T Filter Caps
    • Mallory 150 Coupling Capacitors
    • Central Point Grounding with Star Ground
    • Distributed Power Supply
    • Fully Regulated DC Heater Supply for All Preamp Tubes
    • Fully Isolated Input, FX Loop and Speaker Jacks
    • Silver Plated Teflon Hookup Wire and Shielded Cable
    • 4” High Flow Output Tube Cooling Fan
    • Custom Designed Fan Isolation Mount
    • Precision Cut and Drilled 1/8” Fiberglass Turret Boards
    • Heavy Duty Carling Switches
    • 1W 5% Carbon Comp and Carbon Film Resistors
    • Tube Shields for all preamp tubes
    • Genuine Neutrik Jacks for Input, FX Loop and Speaker Connections
    • Internally Shielded Cabinet
    • Threaded Metal Inserts used to attach back panel of cabinet



    • 2 x EL84 15W Class A Cathode Bias Low Voltage
    • 4 x EL84 30W Class A Cathode Bias Low Voltage
    • 2 x EL34 25W Class A Cathode Bias Low Voltage
    • 2 x EL34 50W Class AB Fixed Bias High Voltage


    • 1 x EF86 Preamp Channel 1
    • 1 x 12AX7 Preamp Channel 2
    • 1 x 12AX7 Phase Inverter
    • 4 x EL84 and 2 x EL34 Output Tubes


    • Solid State
    • 5U4G Simulated in 15/30W and 25W Mode


    • 120VAC or 240VAC
    • Switchable via Back Panel


    The Dual Ported 1×12 Cabinet from Jackson Ampworks is a breakthrough in tone for guitarists everywhere! The Dual Ported Cabinet uses internal baffles and porting to direct the sound coming from the back of the speaker toward the front of the cabinet so you don’t lose any of your tone! Hear ALL of your tone for the first time with a Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported 1×12 Cabinet!

    “Though the cabinet is relatively small, the focus and width of the sound exceeded that of any 1×12 cab I have used in the past. The bass response was huge and if I closed by eyes I’d never have guessed it was a single 12” cabinet.”

    Premier Guitar Magazine
    March, 2011


    As guitarists we work very hard to achieve great tone and certainly one of the most important aspects of that tone is the speaker cabinet that we use. After all, the speaker cabinet is the final link between your amplifier and your ears, therefore its effect on your tone cannot be understated.

    It is with this in mind that we are proud to introduce our new line of patented Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported cabinets which are the best sounding, most revolutionary speaker cabinets ever made for the electric guitar!

    The Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported cabinets are a totally unique approach to sound reproduction and the results are staggering!


    The Jackson Ampworks line of Dual Ported Cabinets are a completely new Patent Pending design that features two ports that run vertically along the left and right side of the cabinet and allows the sound waves that come from the back of the speaker to be directed via precise baffles and shelves out the front of the cabinet. Months of research and development went into creating precise dimensions for the ports that ensure that the sound waves coming from the ports are in phase with the sound waves coming from the front of the speaker. These sound waves when aligned with each other work to augment and fatten the tone of the speaker! With our Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported Cabinets the user gets the “airiness” of an open back cabinet with the presence and low-end of the best closed back cabinet you’ve ever heard!

    In addition to the Dual Ported design, we have also engineered an internal diffuser that breaks up and disperses the piercing high end that is often found in closed back designs. This critically tuned diffuser also helps to direct the sound waves out the side ports of the cabinet and create more dispersion of sound with none of the ‘beaming’ found in most closed back cabinets!


    Our Dual Ported cabinets are constructed with 13-ply Baltic Birch and feature Dovetail joints for unparalleled strength, rigidity and tone. Also included is an all steel handle that is recessed into the cabinet for easier carry, a genuine Switchcraft jack for reliable operation and 12AWG speaker wire for unrestricted tone and performance.

    • Premium 13-ply Void Free Baltic Birch Plywood.
    • Dovetail Corner Joints Rattle Free Performance.
    • Recessed Steel Handles For Easy Stacking and Transport
    • Genuine Switchcraft Jacks and 12AWG Speaker Hookup Wire





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