KTS-70 12" Guitar Speaker

KTS-70 12" Guitar Speaker

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12" Guitar Speaker

Comparable to the vintage late 60’s CelestionTM 70Hz G12H 30, The ASW KTS-70 like its KTS-60 brother, offers superior tone quality and power handling with reduced cone cry allowing you to really stretch the envelope of your amp’s tonal capabilities.

With shimmering chimey highs, strikingly musical midrange and well-defined bass, the KTS-70 delivers excellent balance and versatility.

When using a D Style amp such as a Two Rock, Bludo Tone, Carol Ann, or Brown Note amp we highly recommend the KTS-70 for its even full frequency response and lightning fast transient response.

Rated 80 Watts power handling

KTS-70 Speaker Efficiency 98.5 dB

Weight 10 lbs.

This speaker is built to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks build time. 

Available in 8 or 16 Ohm. 

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