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Merkin Fuzz

Merkin Fuzz


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Merkin: At a Glance

  • Catalinbread's fuzz inspired by the Mosrite Fuzzrite.
  • Refined and extended for bigger range of tonal textures.
  • Texture control ranges from zippy presence to snarling fuzz.
  • Find even more sounds with your guitar's volume/tone controls.

Control Surface

  • The VOLUME knob controls overall volume output of the Merkin.
  • The TEXTURE knob controls the gain of the Merkin and has massive range. A ton of fuzzy textures and sounds are available through out the sweep of the knob. Using pickup position, and the volume and tone controls on your guitar open up the tonal possibilities even more.

A Fuzz With Hair

The Catalinbread Merkin is a fuzz pedal that's just 'rite' for classic sixties fuzz sounds and beyond! Extended and refined from a classic fuzz circuit, this 3 silicon transistor circuit is very textural, varying from blunt to ripping. It's controls are simple, a volume, and a texture knob with huge range, from cleanish blend counter-clockwise to full fuzz as you turn the knob clockwise.

When developing the Merkin, we chose components for sweet yet buzzing tone which still has a very touch sensitive response. The Merkin is also very responsive to your guitar's volume and tone controls so you can spend less time stooped over your pedalboard, and more time actually playing. Along with a slew of sixties fuzz sounds from the Ventures to the Stooges and many points in between, The Merkin Fuzz is able to do octave-up sounds by using your guitar's neck pickup with the tone rolled off. It works great for bass too.

The life-blood of a fuzz is its power supply and the Merkin is no different. Use a carbon battery for warm vintage tone and smooth response. Use an alkaline or 9 volt dc supply for a harder sound, or run on 18 volt DC supply for even more output and an aggressive sound! Volume unity for the Merkin resides around 9:00, which means there's lots of boost on tap.

Technical Specifications

  • 2.34" x 4.39" pedal
  • Battery operation or 9v-18v Negative Tip DC Power
  • 3 mA draw

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