Mojohand Magistrate (USED)

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  • This is a used pedal in excellent condition. 
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  • Includes original box. 

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The The Mojo Hand FX Magistrate features a full three band EQ for a wide range of tones ranging from EVH style "Brown Sound" to full on scooped mid chunkiness. The bass response stays nice and tight across the spectrum. Even at it's more extreme settings it remains focused and amp-like. The Magistrate runs at 18v internally providing an awesome amount of headroom for such a high gain pedal. It also cleans up incredibly well with your guitars volume knob.

 Features Include:

  • Separate Treble, Bass, and Mids Controls
  • Internal Charge Pump (allowing the use of standard 9v center negative power)
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Top Mounted Jacks
  • Die-cast Enclosure