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ODS II Custom 50/25 Watt Head


  • $ 4,29500

ODS-II Custom 25/50 watt – The Custom adds half-power switching to our flagship 50 watt ODS-II.  Equally at home delivering Fuchs classic ODS tone in the studio, or on stage, this is the amp for the professional working musician.  

The ODS represents Andy Fuchs’ goal to take over 15 years of design evolution
and customer feedback on the original Overdrive Supreme platform into the next

The ODS-II captures all the tones that made the original Fuchs ODS amps
legendary, but allows massive tonal flexibility via totally separate clean and
overdrive channels, each with their own dedicated tone controls, mid and gain
boosts, and master volumes.

Despite this tremendous range, the ODS-II is still an easy to operate amp. Channel
one gives tones from California style cleans to Classic rock grind. Channel two
covers all that channel one offers but with over-the-top near-shred levels of gain as

The amp has a deep, lush digital reverb with level and decay controls, and a global
master and accent control.

The rear panel features dual FX loops, digital bias monitoring with external bias
controls for each tube, and 5 speaker outputs.

The ODS-II is built on a fan cooled, aircraft grade aluminum chassis which
includes half power and hi/low/off fan switches. Available in all global voltages.


  • Power: 25W/50W
  • (4) 6V6 Power Tubes 
  • (4) 12AX7
  • Half-power switch
  • Two channels
  • Single input
  • Controls: 3-band EQ, gain, brite switch, deep switch, OD switch, master volume, drive, tone, reverb, level, reverb decay
  • Built-in reverb
  • Dual FX loops
  • Five speaker outputs
  • Fan-cooled circuitry
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis
  • Dimension: 18.5" (width) x 8.5 (depth) x 8.75" (height)
  • Weight: 45lbs

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