Pedal Pusher

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The Pedal Pusher Tube Driven Buffer/Boost

The Pedal Pusher is the latest creation from Paul Sanchez and Red Iron Amps.

Here's what Paul has to say about the Pedal Pusher:

"My first pedal is called the Pedal Pusher. It uses a sub-miniature tube with a full voltage power supply. The first stage gives a slight boost with volume and tone control. The tone control comes in the form of a 3-way tonal switch: "UP" is full-bodied with gain boost, middle is uncolored with compression, and "down" is bright with a slight gain boost. Why the Pedal Pusher? Because one of its primary uses is in front of your pedals or pedal board. What is unique about that? You know we all love the organics that tubes provide. How about driving your pedals with a tube-infused guitar signal?! AND, because the Pedal Pusher has a buffered output, the loading effects of all that interconnecting cable will be lifted. The high end sparkle that was lost is now restored. i have found tha my pedals take on a tonefully different character. They like being driven with a low impedence signal, and my ears like it too! When not needed (really?), you can go into seamless true bypass."

The Pedal Pusher is point-to-point wired. The tubes are run at real world voltages (not starved-plate). It will work as a DI for you acoustic players (and take that clickiness out of your attack). It will transform your passive effects loop into an active one. Customization is available. A ground lift switch is also included for THOSE venues.

The Pedal Pusher is a must have for driving long signal chains. Restore lost highs, boost your volume, or simply enhance your guitar's overall tone. Whether used before a long chain of pedals or used by itself, the Pedal Pusher from Red Iron Amps is a pedal you will not want to play without!

Dimensions: The metal enclosure measures 2.5"H(3" at tallest point), 4.75"L, 4"W (5.125" at widest point)