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Pin Up Fuzz

Crazy Tube Circuits

  • $ 24000

A fuzz can be raw or smooth, raspy and spitty or clean... or it can be Pin Up. The gain range starts from overdrive to become a high gain fuzz, nasty or smooth depending on where you set the two tone controls. The frequency response of this MOSFET fuzz machine has been carefully selected to fulfill your rhythm and soloing needs. Turn on the upper octave/ring mod effect for insane tone.


  • Gain: From overdrive to high gain fuzz
  • Voicing: Scoop or boost mid frequencies.
  • Tone: Cut treble/boost bass or cut bass/boost treble
  • Volume: Set the overall volume of the effect.
  • Bypass Footswitch: True Bypass your effect.
  • Octave Footswitch: Engage the octave up/ring modulation circuit
  • Octave Mode Volume Trim: Unscrew the bottom plate and locate the trimmer near the bottom of the board. Turn on octave circuit and set desired effect level

Built with the highest quality components available, features true bypass, operates with 9v battery or external 9-12V DC regulated power supply ( - center, + ring ). Max current consumption 8.9 mA. Using a power supply of +15V DC may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty.

When not in use unplug guitar cable from input jack to save battery life. To change the battery unscrew the bottom plate.

Pin Up comes with a 5-year warranty for all internal parts.

Pin Up Players

Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top
Nels Cline - Wilco
James Valentine - Maroon 5
Alex Skolnick - Testament
Dweezil Zappa

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