ProAnalog Manticore V2 OD-Boost

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Manticore ver2

The Manticore ver2 overdrive was designed in collaboration with Scotty Smith's friend J. Palicke, an electronic computer engineer, who also developed the new "electronic soft switching circuitry" for Manticore ver2. Having owed and played many "Man Horsies" over the last 20 years, Scotty has taken a very good overdrive design, improved it, and made it his own. Manticore ver2 is one of the most unique and versatile overdrive on the market today. It can deliver everything from a lush clean "always on" tone, to semi-dirty/gritty tones, to full on overdriven tones, to over the top high gain METAL. Many players have said that it makes their entire rig sound so good "always on", that they can't seem to turn it off. It also sounds great through any amplifier, tube or solid state, and stacks great with your favorite drive pedal. After nearly 4 years of development, the Manticore ver2 Overdrive is here as Scotty's #1 flagship pedal in the ProAnalog Devices lineup. 


Level - Volume 

Treble - A dynamic treble circuit that  boosts or cuts treble, and also adds or subtracts gain. 

Savage - A unique low pass filter / bass control that fattens up your guitar tone and adds gain. 

Gain - This is the overdrive control, which lets you dial in the amount of clipping from the overdrive section of the circuit and is more mid EQ focused

Drive - Ab input clean boost stage control that drives 3 active filter networks, including treble, high-mids, and lows. Using this control, you can dial in a clean boost that enhances the sound of your amp. 


NOTE: The Treble - Savage - Gain - Drive controls intuitively interact with each other, which allows the player to creatively find their own sound and voice for the Manticore ver2.