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The Dawner Prince RED ROX is an effect pedal capable of delivering anything from ultra clean tones all the way to a ‘grease-melting’ distortion.
Red Rox is a top quality guitar effect pedal, fully professionally designed and handmade
with audiophile quality components and true bypass switching system incorporated.

MASTER (potentiometer) 1
controls the output volume level. You can adjust your Red Rox to the same volume
as your bypass signal (unity gain) or volume it up for a fatter tone - there is plenty volume on tap!

CONTOUR (potentiometer) 2
controls the frequency emphasis overall . In the middle position is balanced presentation of the
overall frequencies; clockwise it becomes midrange-pronounced and counterclockwise
it becomes midrange scooped.

TONE (potentiometer) 3
controls the frequency emphasis on the highs coming out of distortion section. You can easily cut or add the upper frequences to the tone.

PREAMP (potentiometer) 4
controls the amount of distortion in the signal and can take your guitar tone from completely clean all the way to a full, fat and thick distortion - there is a great deal of flexibility.

switches the effect ON and OFF. When in ON mode, status LED will glow red.

Model: DP-0410
Input impedance: 1 Mohm
Output impedance: 1 Kohm
Power supply: Adapter 9V-18V DC, 9V battery
Power supply connector type: Barrel, 5.5mm/2.1mm, center negative,
Current draw (typical at 9VDC): ~ 9.5 mA
Lenght: 91 mm / 3.58 inch
Width (W/O jacks): 116 mm / 4.17 inch
Height (W/O potentiometers): 34 mm / 1.33 inch
Weight (W/O packaging): 0.245 kg / 0.54 lb
Weight (with packaging): 0.310 kg / 0.68 lb
Standard colour: Mirror Red