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Retro Channel Trouble Booster (USED)

Retro Channel Trouble Booster (USED)

Retro Channel (Used)

  • $ 9900

**This is a used pedal in great condition!**

Retro Channel's Description: 

The new Retro Channel Trouble Booster is our take on the famed Rangemaster treble booster but with a few updated features.

We have added a level control and a slope control on our unit.

  • The Level.. well that one is obvious...

  • The Slope control allows the user to fine tune the center frequency of the boost.  One can tweak the booster to perfectly compliment each guitar and amp combination used.

The Trouble Booster also has an extremely low noise floor.  The Ocean?  You won't hear that sound with our booster engaged.

Like all Retro Channel products the Trouble Booster is guaranteed for life and will never change tone because of time or temperature.

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