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Royal Custom Royal 50 "JPP" (USED)

Other Amps Brands (Used)

  • $ 2,54900

  • This is a used amp in excellent condition.
  • This is a consignment piece.

$2499.00 plus $50.00 shipping (Consignment)

Each Royal amp is hand-built, point to point construction with a tag or turret board layout using quality components. Every effort is made to replicate vintage construction. From the vintage-style boards to the lead dress and lacing cord, these amplifiers are built to last.

Custom Royal 'JPP50': 50 watt, EL34, 12AX7 tubes. 4/8/16 ohm taps. Grounded AC operation. Reverse-engineered transformers. Royal custom choke. Custom filtering. Volume cut 'balance control' allowing for pre-set volume engaged via the custom footswitch.

Upgrades in this amp include: 

  • Mustard Caps ($200.00)
  • Mil-spec Sealed pots ($100.00)
  • NOS Tube sockets ($100.00)
  • NOS Siemans Tubes ($150.00)

Read more about Royal Amplification HERE

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