Basic Audio Shore Bird

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"Basic Audio is run by me, John Lyons. I've been making pedals since 2002. I'm from California, but now live in West Virginia. Go Figure.

Making unique looking and sounding effects pedals with flexible tonalities is what I strive to do.

I take the time to make the boxes look and sound as best I can. It's just me here sitting in the basement making pedals and offering what I think is a solid product in sound as well as aesthetic."

Shore Bird

A refined "Rat" circuit with control over the low end and high end. Typically the Rat gets a bit boomy in the higher gain settings. The Low end can be adjusted in the Shore Bird to suit your amp/guitar and gain settings. The Gain and Tone knobs have been tweaked for a smooth range of gain and tone. Some quotes from an owner: "The Shore Bird sounds bigger and a bit more agressive, like a RAT. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but the mids cut more like a RAT. When you roll off the guitar volume, with the SB you can get that nasally, upped mid bark that a RAT does. The Shore Bird keeps all the good things that are already there in a RAT- cut, sustain, distortion, and just, for me, fixes the few things I always end up wanting. It can get warmer and fatter, or match the stock sounds exactly."

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