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Silktone 12W 1x12 Combo


  • $ 2,39900

Introducing the  Amplifier.

  • Starting at $2199.00 w/Black Tolex/Oxblood Grill & Ceramic Speaker. 
  • Add $200.00 for Custom Alnico Speaker. (pictured)
  • Add $200.00 For Custom Tolex.
  • Amp listed is $2399.00
  • Features: Hand-wired fully single ended & cathode biased circuit
  • Class A Output: @ 12 Watts
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb Dwell & Mix, Tone switch for
    Chiffon (EQ Mode) and Raw Silk (Bypass EQ, Boost)
  • Tubes: 1 7025/12AX7, 2 12AT7, 1 KT66 , 1 5AR4/GZ34
  • Dimensions: 21.25” x 17.5” x 10.75” 
  • Weight: 39 lbs.


From Charles Henry, Owner Silktone - 

What makes an amp good? What makes an amp great? I remember being stunned the first time I heard a nice tube stereo. I had always loved listening to music but this was different, more than just hearing the music I was feeling it. I couldn't stop listening. It was this feeling and realization that amplifiers could sound so different that sparked an interest and a passion. I needed this sound – but all of the nice stuff was way too expensive for me, so I started learning to build my own. Repairs started coming my way and I was exposed to all different kinds of guitar amps. A lot of them good but a few that did something special – usually old vintage ones – they would bring on that same feeling. A connection to the music this time coupled with creativity. I would forget what I was doing and just couldn't stop playing. This is what set me on the path to start Silktone and build an amp that would hopefully invoke these same feelings & creativity in other people - an amp that I wanted to play.

I wanted an amp that had great clarity & note separation but never at the cost of rich, vivid tone. An amp that had dynamic punch but not at the cost of smooth, open highs. An amp with lush, sweet cleans and vibrant overdrive. I learned quickly that an amazing HiFi amp makes for a very boring guitar amp. A HiFi amp should reflect the source music without much coloration but a guitar amp should add to and shape the music – it is part of the instrument. Every part of the amp was tested and chosen with this in mind. Voicing an amp very much comes down to a sum of all parts, they all work together. Material and construction quality of the parts definitely play a role in squeezing the last bit of potential out of an amplifier. Our custom designed paper bobbin transformers and paper voice-coil former speakers are an example of this. We tested many different designs and off the shelf parts but these were by far the winners. A big turning point was in the circuit design, the combination of the 12AT7 driver and KT66 output tube – every tube seemingly does one thing great and the rest just ok – not so with this combination. The KT66 retained the big bottom end & balance of a 6L6, the smooth highs of a 6V6 and the sweet mids & rich overdrive of an EL34. It made the amp versatile with a nod to the classics. My first time playing the amp with this arrangement a large smile came over me and I couldn't stop playing - I knew I was on to something now.

In “Chiffon” mode cut the mid knob way back and you get a nice spongy scooped blackface tone – push the mids and your tone fattens up to the stylings of a bold & dynamic JTM. Push the volume to break up and get a nice harmonically complex & musical overdrive. Click down the tone switch to “Raw Silk” mode to bypass the tone stack for a huge gain boost – you'll get an incredibly transparent sound at lower volumes showing off the nuances of your guitar and pedals – push the volume and you can get anything from raw heavy crunch to unrelenting square wave distortion. All of this with a reverb that is as rich as it is versatile. With the combination of the 'Dwell' and 'Mix' controls you can get anything from a smooth & gentle echo to a huge drippy surf effect.

So what makes a good amp? What makes a great amp? Tight bass, creamy mids, smooth highs? Tubes? A lot of amps have these things but I wouldn't call all of them great. It's more of a feeling. A sound and feel that sparks creativity and makes you want to just keep playing. It's all about music. It's all about making music – whether on stage or in your bedroom – the best amp is the one you can't stop playing.

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