SlackJaw OD/Boost/Fuzz

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The SlackJaw offers players of every genre an OD/Boost/Fuzz pedal without complication. Handling single coils, humbuckers and solid state or tube amps with equality, the Slackjaw is composed of the best voicing that overdrives, boosts and fuzz pedals have ever offered — in a singular design. Our sophomore effort packs an astounding array of tonal features and compliments the Snapperhead perfectly…or any other overdrive/amp for that matter!  In addition to being 100% handmade in the U.S.A., it comes with these defining elements:

  • A voice range from nearly clean boost to warm saturation to hairy fuzz without tone coloration or signal degradation
  • Level and Gain controls that make dialing in perfect tone painless
  • Three-way switch for compression, boost and saturation
  • Two-way switch for bass boost/reduce
  • A robust hand-sanded/hand-painted enclosure
  • True-bypass
  • The absolute best components available on the market

The SlackJaw has already earned the embrace of Nick Perri, Richard Fortus and Jefferson Angell, who are jamming the pedal on their tours and taking it in the studio for those late night creative sessions!