SPACE ONE Reverb LE #7 of 12

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This is a special limited run to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Each VL Effect pedal is fully handmade by Vincent Loret in Paris, France.

The Space One effect from VL is like a tiny space capsule that transports you and your guitar into the wonders of deep space. It lingers, it oscillates, it modulates, it regenerates and its simple control layout does not require a rocket science degree to achieve astronomically cosmic sounds. 

Space One Reverb Controls

VOLUME: this controls the overall volume of the guitar signal and the reverb signal. Unity gain is achieved at around 3 o'clock, so there is a bit of boost available.

ATK-TON: this is a parameter control seen on most VL pedals. In this case it adds fullness and body to the reverberated signal. Somewhat like a "dwell" control on conventional reverbs. 

SPACE: this controls how much reverb is added to the guitar signal

ON SWITCH: this turns the effect on/off.

BIG SPACE SWITCH: this engages the EchoSpacialReverb mode. This mode works the best if the SPACE and ATK-TON are at a higher setting.