Effectrode SR-71 Blackbird Tube Preamp

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The SR-71 Blackbird vacuum tube preamp takes it's name from the fastest and coolest plane ever built - the SR-71 which could fly at Mach3+, fast enough to outrun missiles! Like its counterpart the Blackbird preamp puts you way ahead and in full control of your core drive sound. The drive channel is 100% analogue, class A and is based on exactly the same 4-stage circuitry found in top of the range boutique tube amps. These amps are in a class of their own when it comes to tone, being exceptionally expressive and touch sensitive giving artists access to a huge tonal palette from mild bluesy breakup to comples, harmonically rich, saturated drive sounds - an incredibly responsive and musical tone.
Additionally, the fundamental tone of the Blackbird can be tailored by adjusting tube bias points and swapping out tubes. As with all our pedals, audiophile grade components are used throughout the circuit with low-noise, precision resistors and polyester coupling capacitors mounted on a circuit board with 22-carat gold-plated tracks.

This beautiful pedal is a true two channel tube preamp in a pedal. The circuitry is based on a Fender Blackface preamp section with a whole bunch of enhancements including:

  • Hot-rodded drive channel with four tube gain sections
  • Dedicated interactive Bass, Mid, Treble tonestacks for each channel
  • Adjustable tube biasing on the gain channel
  • Tubes are swappable to allow you to alter the fundamental tone of the pedal
  • On-board Jensen C12N speaker emulator. Based on an inductor/capacitor circuit that accurately replicates the response of this classic speaker
  • Selectable classic or modern, creamy drive tones
  • Input impedance: Greater than 1MOhm
  • Output impedance: Less than 1KOhm +10dBu
  • Control: Dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume controls for each channel (Gain on drive channel)
  • Features: Separate clean and overdrive channels
  • All tube: Hot-rodded overdrive channel based on 4 class A tube stages. 'Blackfaced' clean channel
  • Direct out: 600 Ohms balanced transformer isolated +16dBu output via 1/4" TRS (stereo) jack socket
  • True bypass: With 'antio-pop' foot-switching circuitry
  • Power requirements: 12VD  @ 1A centre positive
  • Dimensions: width 7.5"; depth 4.8"; height 1.3"
  • Weight: 2lb (on Earth); 2 x 10 to the 9th power (on a neutron star)
  • Construction: Solid die-cast aluminum alloy case
  • Finish: Tough graphite black powder coat