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StoneAge 2x12C Unloaded (USED)

Other Amps Brands (Used)

  • $ 47500

  • This is a pre-owned cabinet in excellent condition. 
  • This is a consignment item. 

$425.00 plus $50.00 Shipping (consignment item) 

General Information

Oversized 2x12! This cabinet was designed to feature deep, true, definitive low end without the "boominess" some other larger 2x12's are known for. The StoneAge 2x12C features a tilted at top baffle, heavy duty metal side handle, 3-piece Semi Narrow Open back.

Every StoneAge cabinet is built with the highest grade premium Russian Baltic Birch ply exclusively for it's strength, durability, and most importantly, because of it's superior tonal quality. This includes the cabinet shell, speaker baffle and all rear panels. No MDF/particle board or cheap sub-grade birch ply is ever used.

Unlike many mass produced cabinets which feature mediocre joinery, inferior build methods, standard wood glues etc, StoneAge cabinets are meticulously finger jointed by hand, then secured with a proprietary epoxy blend available exclusively  for their cabinets. This, along with StoneAge's particular proven build techniques, results in a rock-solid roadworthy cabinet with overall clearer tonal definition at any volume.

  • Model: 2x12C
  • Serial Number: 17AO163
  • Dimensions:  W - 29 7/8"   H - 23 5/8"   D -12"
  • Build Date: 04/2012
  • Comes with casters

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