Strange Master Treble Boost

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The Strange Master now includes both Germanium and Silicon transistors. These transistors are switchable so the user can now get classic Germanium and higher gain Silicon treble boost tones from one pedal!

Throbak Electronics offers another classic Signature Sound effect with the 
Strange Master Treble Boost
, a recreation of the Germanium Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster used by Eric Clapton, Brian May and Tony Iommi.

In keeping with Throbak Electronics' Signature Sound philosophy, they have offered adjustments that allow you to shape the sound of this effect. Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Brian May had Roger Mayer and Peter Cornish customize their effects to create their own signature sound. Now, this control is given to you!

As far as we can tell, Throbak Electronics are the only company offering a Dallas Range Master clone with a bias adjustment. This allows you to change the character of boost from flabby to tight. Switchable range allows treble and full boost germanium distortion. Recreate the Clapton Beano tone or the singing overdrive of Brian May with this pedal, its all in there.


  • Powder coated exterior with bullet proof epoxy ink graphics.
  • Carefully selected, and auditioned low noise Germanium and silicon transistors.
  • External transistor bias knob adjustment.
  • Treble Boost - Full Range Boost switch.
  • Germanium - Silicon transistor selector switch.
  • Mallory M-150 polyester Capacitors.
  • 9 volt power jack.
  • True bypass switch.
  • Compact pedal design.
  • Socketed Germanium Transistor.

5 year limited warranty.