Synaptic Groove Snapperhead OD/Dist

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Handmade with the finest parts available, the Snapperhead is an overdrive/distortion pedal unlike anything you’ve ever played. Ranging from Eric Clapton blues breakup to Randy Rhoads soloing screams, the Snapperhead is the pedal you’ve been waiting for! The circuit took a considerable amount of time to engineer and refine until they achieved…well, greatness. Perfect for single coils & humbuckers and complimentary to both tube & solid state amps, your tone will not be colored, lost in mud, or eerily reminiscent of the many TS-9′s flooding the airwaves. In a word, if you’ve played every overdrive/distortion available and aren’t satisfied, this is the pedal for you! Btw, we the Tone control was left off because the tone is in your fingers!