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THD UniValve Amp Head (USED)

Other Amps Brands (Used)

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  • This is a used head in excellent condition
  • This is a consignment item

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This is a used THD UniValve head in excellent condition.
All tubes are swappable, amp currently has two - 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and one - EL34 output tube.

Dimensions: 9.75" depth(including control knobs), 15.25" width, 8.375" height (including feet)


The THD UniValve is a Single-Ended Class-A amplifier head with a single output tube that can be switched at will among many octal-based power tubes, including 6L6, EL-34, 6550, 6CA7, 6V6, 6K6, KT-90, KT-88, KT-77 and KT-66, for different tones without re-biasing the amp. Likewise, the two preamp tubes can be any combination of 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7 or 12AZ7. The UniValve delivers tones from smooth and clear to very aggressive overdrive. It is easily capable of driving a 4x12" cabinet, yet quite small and light. Finally, it has a built-in Hot Plate® Power Attenuator that allows for full output distortion at almost any volume. The unique combination of our touch-sensitive input circuit and the wonderfully active and reactive tone control section (that we slaved a year to perfect) make for a front-end that really responds to subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the signal being fed into the amplifier either by the guitar or any effect that may be between the guitar and the amplifier.


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