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Time MK2

Crazy Tube Circuits

  • $ 21900

It’s time for something new… replicating something old. Time has been redesigned once again to replicate the sound of tape and magnetic drum echoes of the past
With separate analog and digital paths to get best of both worlds, this unique sounding delay/echo will warm up your tone. An all analog signal path, featuring a Burr Brown opamp and high quality passive components, is used for the best reproduction of your dry signal. Two digital recording devices, along with carefully tuned analog filtering, placed in parallel with the analog dry path give you the most ambient echo unit you have ever heard.  

Up to one full second of delay time via m/sec knob or tap tempo footswitch into three divisions (quarters, dotted eighths and triplets) plus the ability to max out the repeats (oscillate) instantly by pressing the tap footswitch constantly, entering hold mode. To mimic all the variations and imperfections of a motor or adding a smooth chorus/vibrato we have also added a subtle modulation that you can switch on/off and control its speed/intensity easily via the m/sec knob while in hold mode.  Choose between true bypass and a pristine buffered bypass with trails.


m/sec: Primary function - adjust the delay time from 130ms to 1 sec. Secondary function - switch on/off and adjust the modulation when in hold mode.
more: Mixes the wet (delayed) signal with the dry (unaffected) signal.
tail: Adjust the number of repeats. Maxed up the pedal will oscillate (with mood at maximum settings)
mood: Controls the tone of the repeats.
Tap tempo footswitch: Set the time between the repeats according to tempo. The last two taps will be stored to fibe the desired tempo. You can set the time either with the tap tempo footswitch or the m/sec knob.
Divisions toggle switch: this is a three way toggle switch that lets you choose the function of the tap tempo between quarter, dotted eighths and triplets. If the tapped time is out of limits on each setting then previous tap will be stored.
Hold mode: By holding down the tap footswitch for over a second you enter hold mode. The repeats max out gradually and you get infinite feedback - oscillation will occur. Release tap footswitch to return to normal mode.
Modulation: After power on press the tap footswitch to enter hold mode. When in hold mode turn m/sec knob to set modulation. Fully counter-clockwise the modulation is off. As you turn the knob clockwise the modulation becomes faster and more intense. NOTE: By returning to normal mode (releasing the tap footswitch) the pedal will keep the last modulation setting. To change that setting you have to enter the hold mode.

True bypass - Buffered Bypass: An internal switch lets you choose between true bypass or high quality buffered bypass with trails. Unscrew bottom plate with the footswitches looking down. Locate a small switch on the lower right corner of the board. Set it in down position for true bypass or up position for buffered bypass with trails. 

Built with the best components available, operates with external 9-12V DC regulated power supply ( - center, + ring). Max current consumption 220ma @9V DC. Using a power supply of 15V DC or more may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty.

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