Trashy Blonde Paracentric Distortion Filter

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Thrashy Blonde is a sexy British beaut that features a great deal of classic rock with unquestionable control. Imagine you wanted some classic Brit tones from your super clean jangly amp. Well she will turn any prancy little thing into over-driven crunchy distorted badass. Roll her back with your guitar volume and she cleans up very nice.

You may also want to mix it up with her mix knob allowing you to toggle through trebley distortion to a more rounded vintage warmth. Crank the mix up to full and the balance knob all the way up as well as the gain knob and your in JCM 800 territory and feeling like Slash.

A versatile British distortion perfect for an uber clean amp that we all know, sometimes doesn't have the best distortion or overdrive tone but this will allow you to drive it into submission to the point where it lets its hair down and gets abit thrashy and trashy.

The main pull of this pedal is the ability to clean mix and toggle between clean and distorted channels, however it does have another "secret" channel up its sleeve and that is cranking its balance knob (output volume) on the clean into a just about to break up amp take that amp into boosted valve break up, step on the Trashy side and boom your into full on distortion.


  • Parametric EQ with Para-centric cut boost design and master volume ( Enables you to fine tune your tone like never before)
  • Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (full spectrum of tone from your speaker that you can dial in)
  • Clean and Dirty Mix knob for warm vintage tones or cutting classic distortion (Mix between the clean and dirty channels for bass guitar or electric guitar for a more rounded spongy sound)
  • Frequency control knob sweep control via expression pedal ( Fine tune your tone for needle point accuracy)
  • Clean or Driven Wah Wah function via expression pedal (Overdriven and distorted wah just like Hendrix and Cream)
  • Clean or Driven Phaser Function via expression pedal ( Create vibe tones or phasing tones manually at your own speed)
  • Quick change over battery box (Allows for quick change over of the battery)
  • 9v power supply centre negative (Standard 9v power supply compatibility)
  • Ultra bright Leds. (You will never lose it on stage)
  • Dual Channel Clean and Dirty EQ including mix control (Twin channel with an extra 3rd channel if you want to drive the clean side)
  • Cool ass graphics (What more can I say)

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