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Tungsten Oxnard 12

Tungsten Amps

  • $ 1,50000

  • This is the Oxnard 12 Prototype/ Demo Video amp. 
  • This is a consignment item.
  • Still new with full warranty!

$1500.00 plus $50.00 shipping (consignment item) 


These pedal friendly small amps will absolutely kill any Harvard (or clone thereof) thanks to the larger Mercury power and output transformers, 12" Scumback J75 speaker and ability to use 9-pin preamp tubes in both positions. Like most of my other amps, the Oxnard series is cathode biased, allowing you to switch rectifier and power tubes without rebiasing. Take off that stuffy Argyle and put on some flip flops. 


    • 12 Watts
    • Tube Set: (2) 6V6 (2) 12ax7 (1) 5Y3 
    • Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone
    • Speaker: Scumback J75 12"
    • Dimensions: 20 x 16.5 x 9
    • Weight: 28 lbs


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