Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature 100W

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The single-channel Classic Reverb Signature is Two-Rock’s ultimate tone shaping machine.  Updated in November of 2016 with Bill Krinard’s new design tacticts, this amp is Available as either a 50W (2 x 6L6) or 100W (4 x 6L6) head.   Built on either a black or silver aluminum chassis, this amps has been updated with a new output transformer on the 100 watt models, as well as an added Gain Structure switch for 3 different voicing settings on the input stage.  Extensive tone shaping is offered via Treble, Middle, Bass, Bright, Mid, Deep and EQ controls. A Contour control facilitates switching between single coils and humbuckers while adjusting for room acoustics, without having to change preamp EQ settings. A footswitchable FET preamp stage, eq BYPASS and REVERB DEFEAT are stock features of this versatile amplifier.

Front Panel Functions:

Input Jack- High impedance input to the amplifier. Plug in your instrument here.

FET Gain- The FET (Field Effect Transistor) feature consists of a single stage high impedance preamp/buffer. This feature can be switched in and out via the front panel switch (“ON” is “up” position) or footswitch. This mode offers an additional buffered gain stage, and can be used to buffer the input from high output pickups or increase the signal of low output pickups. The FET GAIN control controls the amount of signal fed to the following stage(s) {gain control}

FET Switch- Enables or defeats the FET feature. (“ON” is “up” position)

Treble Control- Adjusts the high frequency response. In the full counter-clockwise position, high frequencies are bypassed to ground. In the full clockwise position, high frequencies are allowed to pass to the next gain stage.

Bright Switch- Boosts the high frequency response. This is most effective when the input gain is set at 12 o’clock or lower. The effect is less dramatic as the input gain control is adjusted past the 12 o’clock position.

Middle Control- Adjusts the mid-range response. In the full counter-clockwise position, the tone will be somewhat “scooped” of mid-range response, emphasizing the highs and lows. In the full clockwise position, mid-range frequencies are allowed to pass to the next gain stage.

Mid Switch- Boosts the mid range frequency response.

Bass Control- Adjusts the bass response. In the full counter-clockwise position, low frequencies are cut. In addition, the response of the treble and mid-range controls is greatly reduced. In the full clockwise position, low frequencies are allowed to pass to the next gain stage.

Deep Switch- Boosts the low and low-mid frequencies. This is a low frequency contour switch, changing the low and low-mid response.

Gain- Adjusts the overall gain of the amplifier. Start with this control in the 12 o’clock position.

Master- Adjusts the output level of the amplifier.

EQ1/EQ2- This switch allows you to choose between 2 completely different equalization settings. EQ1 is a lower gain setting, with extended midrange and bass available when used in conjunction with the middle and bass controls as well as the deep switch. This setting is suitable for any style requiring a pure clean tone with a nice round bottom and plenty of headroom. EQ2 is a higher gain setting. This setting is suitable for any style requiring a clean to slightly distorted tone in clean mode, and more gain in the lead mode.

Reverb Send- The reverb drive control determines the amount of signal applied to the reverb tank. Low settings will create a very open, small room reverb effect with a short decay time. Advancing the control clockwise increases the signal applied to the driver, and a very saturated effect with a sharp attack and a long decay can be obtained.

Reverb Return- The reverb return control mixes the reverb effect signal with the dry signal. At full counterclockwise rotation, the reverb effect is defeated. Using the return control in conjunction with the reverb drive control, a wide range of natural reverb effects can be produced.

Gain Structure- The 3 position gain structure switch changes the sensitivity and overall feel of the preamp. In the down position, the amp feels similar to a vintage blackface, the middle position is much like the Two-Rock Matt Schofield Signature front end with a hotter input stage, and the full up position is our traditional Two-Rock frontend.

Bypass Switch- This switch bypasses the tone controls, increasing both level and mid-range response. To enable footswitch control of this function, switch must be in the down position.

Contour Control- The contour control is an active wide band sweep. In the 12 o’clock position, the amps’ frequency response is flat. Counterclockwise rotation reduces high end response and increases low frequencies. Counterclockwise rotation decreases low end and increases the high frequency response. This control is very useful for maintaining preamp tone control settings, while allowing a global adjustment to compensate for differences in room acoustics, speaker cabinets, or bright to dark guitars (PRS Humbucker to Strat, for example). This control also actively reduces the articulation available, allowing a softer setting, or extremely open and revealing, depending on your individual style and requirements.


Rear Panel Functions:

Power Selector - On 100 watt (4x6L6) models, the HIGH power mode is100 watts, the LOW power mode is 50 watts. With the 100 watt Classic Reverb Signature’s output transformer, when switching from 100 to 50 watts, the transformer will compensate for impedance differences so you will not have to change impedances.

Speaker Output Jacks-There are 3 speaker output jacks; 4, 8, and 16 ohms. NEVER OPERATE YOUR AMPLIFIER WITHOUT A PROPER SPEAKER LOAD CONNECTED. Be sure to match the impedance of your cabinet with the impedance (output) of the amplifier.

Footswitch Jack-The footswitch connects here. The FET function, tone bypass, and Reverb defeat functions can be activated via the footswitch. The respective front panel switches (FET and bypass) must be in the “off,” or down position, to enable the footswitch functions.

Effects Send-Use this jack to send the amplifiers signal to outboard effects.

Effects Return-Use this jack to connect the output of your effects to the amplifier.



  • 100 Watt Head with half power scaling option
  • 4 x 6L6 (100 Watt)
  • 4 ohm; 8 ohm, 16 ohm Speaker Outputs
  • Silver Anodize with Silver Skirt Knobs ($100.00 Upgrade)
  • Dimensions: 22 3/4" (width) x 12" (Height) x 10 5/8" (Depth)
  • Weight: 43Lbs