Two-Rock TS1 100W

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This amp was originally released in 2010.  Bill Krinard was always searching for the “Tone Secret” and the TS1 is the nod to the classic overdrive, cascading gain stage amplifier.  Over the years, Bill has been refining the circuit and in 2017, Two-Rock re-released this amp with the benefit of these refinements.

New for 2017, the Two-Rock team has introduced a few key features.

  1. The 100 watt output transformer is a new proprietary design that allows a “HIGH/LOW” function.  This function allows you to change from 100 to 50 watts with zero impedance change.  In fact, the way that this transformer is designed, a whole new output is realized.  Fatter, richer harmonics are a direct result and the punch will be noticed immediately.
  2. We’re using NOS parts in all the tonal-specific places.
  3. New silver anodize with silver skirted knobs 
  4. Original Two-Rock cabinet design.

Front Panel Functions:

NOR Input Jack- High impedance input to the amplifier. Plug in your instrument here.

FET Input Jack-This input sends the signal through a single FET (Field Effect Transistor) stage.

PREAMP Section

Volume- Adjusts the overall gain of the amplifier. Start with this control in the 12 o’clock position. Keep in mind that the amount of gain set here determines the signal level feeding the lead channel. Low gain settings of this control will require higher lead gain settings for the same amount of overdrive.

Bright- Boosts the high frequency response. This is most effective when the input gain is set at 12 o’clock or lower. The effect is less dramatic as the input gain control is adjusted past the 12 o’clock position.

Mid- Boosts the mid-range frequency response.

Rock/Jazz- This switch allows you to choose between 2 completely different equalization settings. JAZZ is a lower gain setting, with extended midrange and bass available when used in conjunction with the middle and bass controls as well as the deep switch. This setting is suitable for any style requiring a pure clean tone with a nice round bottom and plenty of headroom. ROCK is a higher gain setting. This setting is suitable for any style requiring a clean to slightly distorted tone in clean mode, and more gain in the lead mode.

Treble Control- Adjusts the high frequency response. In the full counter-clockwise position, high frequencies are bypassed to ground. In the full clockwise position, high frequencies are allowed to pass to the next gain stage.

Middle Control- Adjusts the mid-range response. In the full counter-clockwise position, the tone will be somewhat “scooped” of mid-range response, emphasizing the highs and lows. In the full clockwise position, mid-range frequencies are allowed to pass to the next gain stage.

Bass Control- Adjusts the bass response. In the full counter-clockwise position, low frequencies are cut. In addition, the response of the treble and mid-range controls is greatly reduced. In the full clockwise position, low frequencies are allowed to pass to the next gain stage.


Level- Adjusts the input level (gain) of the lead channel.

Ratio- Adjusts the output level of the lead channel.

Power Amp Section

Master- Adjusts the overall output level of the amplifier.

Presence- Adjusts the contour of high-frequency response. The high-frequency response will increase as you advance the control clockwise.

Rear Panel Functions

Power Switch- Turns power on.

Operate/Stand-by Switch- Should be in the “down” or “stand-by” position when you apply power to the unit. After a few seconds, place the switch in the “up” position to use the amplifier. You may leave the unit “powered up” and place this switch in the “stand-by” position to mute the output.

HIGH/LOW Switch- On On 100 watt (4x6L6) models, the HIGH power mode is100 watts, the LOW power mode is 50 watts. With the 100 watt TS1’s output transformer, when switching from 100 to 50 watts, the transformer will compensate for impedance differences so you will not have to change impedances.

Speaker Output Jacks- There are 3 speaker output jacks; 4, 8, and 16 ohms. NEVER OPERATE YOUR AMPLIFIER WITHOUT A PROPER SPEAKER LOAD CONNECTED. Be sure to match the impedance of your cabinet with the impedance (output) of the amplifier.

Effects Send- Use this jack to send the amplifiers signal to outboard effects.

Effects Return- Use this jack to connect the output of your effects to the amplifier. NOTE: This model does not utilize a full (input and output) buffered effects loop. For best results, you will need an Effects Loop Interface (ELI1 or ELI2) or similar unit.

Lead Switch- Sends the instrument signal through the lead circuit, adding extra stages of gain to the signal and enabling the lead gain and lead master controls. To enable foot switch control of this function, switch must be in the down position.

Bypass Switch- This switch bypasses the tone controls, increasing both level and mid-range response. To enable footswitch control of this function, switch must be in the down position. Footswitch Jack- The footswitch connects here. The clean/lead and tone bypass functions can only be activated via the footswitch.


  • 100 watt head
  • 4 x 6L6 (100 Watt)
  • Passive Effects Loop (120V ELI Available)
  • 4 ohm; 8 ohm, 16 ohm Speaker Outputs
  • 100 Watt versions have half power function
  • Silver anodize with silver skirt knob option ($100 Upgrade)
  • Color: Black Bronco, black grill cloth
  • 2 Button Foot switch (Lead/Bypass) with 4-pin XLR connection
  • Dimensions:20 5/8″ (width) x 22″ (height) x 11″ (depth) 
  • Weight: 46Lbs