V-Pick Big Fattie

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5.85mm –

1 5/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Huge, wonderful tone. Fast action. Rounded edges and points. Beautifully clear, awesome to see. Glides effortlessly over the strings with incredible sound. Very comfortable to hold; grips your fingers, relaxes your hand. Tone for days! Yes, it’s huge. But it SOUNDS huge. Like any of the V-Picks, its hard to describe the difference it can make in your playing without actually handing a guitarist a V-Pick and letting him try it out on his own guitar.
This guitar pick wears like iron, and will last you quite a long time. You might be spending more because of the time it takes to hand-make a guitar pick like this one, but you’ll have this for a long, long time. And nothing else gets this fat, rich, huge tone!!!

Remember, the bigger the pick, the bigger the tone. This pick also makes a great Gypsy Jazz pick.