Vyagra Boost MkII

Vyagra Boost MkII

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Vyagra Boost Mk2 is the ultimate gadget for every stringed instrument. It is a unique full range clean boost featuring an independent parametric eq section  ( +/- 15db @ 120 – 1200Hz ). The heart of this pedal is a high quality mosfet opamp that enhances your tone.
Change the voicing of your favorite pedal or amp, cut or give mid-hump. Place it before an overdrive or distortion for the ultimate gain and sustain. Place it at the end of the signal chain to give a volume boost for soloing and overdrive the input of your amp. Use it as a high quality buffer with gain knob full counter clock-wise and eq off.
Dial the sensitivity control and use it as highly customizable envelope filter. Plug in an expression pedal and you have a remotely controlled wah-wah pedal. 
A Swiss army knife at your feet

Use it to:

  • Change the voicing of your favourite pedal, cut or give mid-hump
  • Place it before an overdrive or distortion for the ultimate gain and sustain.
  • Place it at the end of the signal chain to give a bolume boost for soloing.
  • Use it to overdrive the input of your favourite tube amp.
  • Mimic a fixed position wah.
  • Use it as a  high quality buffer. (Gain knob full counter clockwise and EQ off).


  • Bypass Footswitch: True bypass/Engage the clean boost section.
  • EQ Footswitch: True bypass/Engage the parametric eq section.
    Note: Footswitches work independently so you can either use clean boost section or parametric iq section or both at the same time. If you want you can make bypass footswitch the master footswitch which will control the whole effect. That way the eq section will only work when the clean boost section is engaged. To assign bypass footswitch as the master footswitch open the back plate and locate a hole in the pcb between the footswitches that contains a mini switch. Use a tiny screwdriver to set it in the "D" position.
  • Gain: From 0db up to 25db of clean "erect" sound. Use it as a signal buffer when turned to minimum.
  • Expression pedal input: Plug an expression pedal to control the sweep of the parametric eq and mimic a wah pedal. It is best to use a linear taper expression pedal with a value up to 100k.
  • Sensitivity: Envelope control of the eq section. Control the parametric eq with your guitar signal. Set this knob to match the pickups and the attack/release you want. The envelope control has been designed to work with a wide range of pickups from low output single coils to high output humbuckers and active pickups.
    Note: if you want to control the parametric eq section manually or via the expression input sensitivity control must be off (full counter clock-wise).
  • Cut - Boost: Cut or boost the frequency dialed in manually via the "Freq" knob or via the expression or envelop control.
  • Frequency: Dial the center frequency of parametric EQ. 120Hz full counter clockwise to 1200Hz full clockwise

Built with the highest quality components available, features true bypass, operates with 9v battery or external 9V DC regulated power supply ( - center, + ring ). Max current consumption 5.3 mA. Using a power supply of +15V DC may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty.

When not in use unplug guitar cable from input jack to save battery life. To change the battery unscrew the bottom plate.

Viagra Boost MkII comes with a 5-year warranty for all internal parts.

Vyagra Boost Players

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James Valentine - Maroon 5
David Hidalgo - Los Lobos
Alex Skolnick - Testament
Dweezil Zappa
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