Basic Audio Zippy

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"Basic Audio is run by me, John Lyons. I've been making pedals since 2002. I'm from California, but now live in West Virginia. Go Figure.

Making unique looking and sounding effects pedals with flexible tonalities is what I strive to do.

I take the time to make the boxes look and sound as best I can. It's just me here sitting in the basement making pedals and offering what I think is a solid product in sound as well as aesthetic."


Early fuzz boxes were designed to emulate the sounds of the saxophone.
The Zippy will allow you to channel your inner Coltrane with very reedy fuzz tones. Saxy and sexy.
At lower settings a nice musical razor blade fuzz sizzle.
Turn it up and it becomes an increasingly sharper toothed saw blade fuzz. It snarls. It spits. It goes from fat and thick to thin and cutting without losing it's signature top end sizzle and low end rumble.
The body control (bass cut) makes it easy to dial in just the right amount of beef. Zipper fuzz tones bloom and softly decay.

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